Valentines for a Lonely Heart

V for a Lonely Heart-00591

One day I lay in an open field and I laughed so hard that I cried.

One intake of breath was all it took

to send me into convulsions;


Playing Dead-00423

I feel alive on this day,

as I lie down with my hands above my head

and open my mouth to swallow the sky–

and I don’t know it yet, but a sand fly is feasting on my left foot,

and I don’t mind

because I feel alive from the inside-out.

V for a Lonely Heart-00601Playing Dead-00436V for a Lonely Heart-00603

I never knew freedom like this before

until that one intake of breath,

when I lay down in an open field…

V for a Lonely Heart-00592

and laughed so hard

that I cried.

V for a Lonely Heart dress1-1801V for a Lonely Heart-00588Style File: Lonely Hearts Silk Dress (similar)/ ASOS Denim Jacket (similar) / Beau Coops Kingsman Boots (similar)/ Quay Eyewear-Bellpop Sunnies/ Karen Walker Neon Cuff. Photography Credit: Howard Sly.

I’ve always found ‘relaxed’ dressing a bit of a challenge. I tend to feel swamped in boxy, baggy T-shirts (or they’re just too fitted) and either way it doesn’t feel quite right. But this Lonely Hearts dress is my idea of relaxed. It’s light and floaty and apart from the pattern, the detail is all in the cut; a T-shaped panel along the front, and the dropped waist is cut with one side slightly higher than the other (with the hem dropping at the same length all around). I’m fond of this dress as a versatile, trans-seasonal piece which actually takes me through all seasons.

As for Valentines Day, I’ve never been a huge fan of the commercialization of the tradition, but I’m a ‘romantic at heart’ who believes that small gestures on a daily basis go a long way…

Valentines for a Lonely Heart is dedicated to my two favourite Sly Boys.

 Happy Valentines everyone!

Sonia x


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