In a Country Garden

In a Country Garden 3Mrs Beeton's book 2-00623

I’ve always been a sucker for the romance of the past where life seemed simpler, relationships inevitably involved love-triangles (well, at least in novels and films), and life for the most part was unfettered by the demands that we’re presented with today.


Yes, these days our lives are so disparate. We’re often stretched for time as we rush around attempting to cross off items from our ever- expanding¬† lists of ‘things-to-do.’ I like a fairly tidy house but the¬† idea of running a household for instance, has been outside of my realm of comprehension until recently, and I don’t think I’d ever live up to the expectations as set out by Mrs Beeton and her book of Household Management.

CGMrs Beeton -00433

You see, I’ve never seen ‘domesticity’ as part of my duty or role as a woman, nor have I ever aspired to the role of Domestic Goddess and all that it might entail…the thought alone makes me shudder!

A room with a country viewMrs Beeton R-00490

When it comes to household chores I’m a girl whose more than likely to vacuum around furniture, and if I was so inclined to pick up a broom, dust and dirt would promptly be swept under the rug. I’m allergic to dusting (or at least have an aversion to it), but if it’s any consolation I don’t mind doing laundry, albeit, you’ll never catch me ironing tea towels, socks, sheets or underwear–who does that anyway, right?

Mrs Beeton u-00521Mrs Beeton with a view2-00412Mrs Beeton cu-00526Mrs Beeton with a view3-00312

Are there any unspoken rules these days about how women should behave and what their roles should be whether inside or outside of the home? It’s rather idealistic, but I like to think that women everywhere should enjoy a freedom that permits them to choose how they want to live their lives, and how they fulfill their goals and aspirations.

Mrs Beeton Takes Tea -00559Mrs Beeton with a view4-00518

Yep, it’s likely that my husband will never see me with a feather duster in-hand. We did however buy a dust-buster recently as one of those things designed to make life easier. The idea was fantastic, but it’s by far one of the most useless contraptions we’ve ever owned; it blows more air than it sucks surrounding dirt and fluff! Sigh. Another reason to avoid domestic duties…

Mrs Beeton with a view5-00558Back to Black Style File: World Tuxedo Jumpsuit (similar here and here)/ Kobe Husk Sandals from here (similar with heel)/ Black straw hat (similar in black and white)/Silver Jewellery/ Porcelain and Wood Art-Deco Drop Earrings/ Chinaware courtesy of Mrs M. Sly (similar teapot). Photography Credit: Howard Sly.

I love this Tuxedo Jumpsuit as it’s one of those timeless pieces in my wardrobe that feels ultimately modern, elegant and it’s something that I pull out when I’m not in the mood for a dress. I’m fond of the detail–the halter-neck and structured waist give me some shape and I’ve yet to find another jumpsuit as flattering, especially given my height. The flat sandals provide an easy day-time look, whereas I’m more inclined to dress it up with heels for evenings out.


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