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Dedication to a Dancing Queen

It has certainly been a long time between posts, but I’m excited to bring you a new magazine-style format and a greater range of posts; including articles and stories written by guest contributors. In the spirit of celebration, I did this fun photo shoot with the fabulous Luke Calder. Here’s to an exciting year ahead!


IMG_5367IMG_5230Style File: Otsu Jumpsuit / black camisole / Senso sandals / Wild wood charm bracelet and crown ring (right hand)  c/- Buster Collins/ Hair (and exceptional confetti thrower) : Libby McLeod (Willis York) / Photography: Luke Calder.


When time passes

we will


like there is no


and dream of an end

that is only the


~In dedication to my Mum, Christine Yee


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  • Claude Emond says: December 21, 2014 at 4:53 am

    Marvelous new layout, Sonia, awesome photos of you …. and your dedication to your mother touched my heart. You are forever the SWG .

    And I know you are making and will continue to make a difference in the world. I ran into this poem of Vaclav Pavel this morning and thought you might enjoy it for you have already begun :):

    It Is I Who Must Begin
    It is I who must begin.
    Once I begin, once I try
    –here and now,
    right where I am,
    not excusing myself
    by saying things would be easier elsewhere,
    without grand speeches
    and ostentatious gestures,
    but all the more persistently–
    to live in harmony
    with the “voice of Being,”
    as I understand it within myself
    — as soon as I begin that,
    I suddenly discover,
    to my surprise,
    that I am neither the only one,
    nor the first,
    nor the most important one
    to have set out upon that road.
    Whether all is really lost or not
    depends entirely on
    whether or not I am lost. 

    ~ Vaclav Havel ~

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